The Mandalorian : Season 2 episode 5 - The Jedi

Season 2 episode 5 - The Jedi

I happen to know a little more about the Star Wars universe than a casual viewer and so I can say assuredly that there are lots of easter eggs in this episode and it all seems to be meshing up to something like the Avengers movies type epicness for some point in the future of The Mandalorian or some other Star Wars project to come out in the future

Ahsoka Tano, for those who don't know, was Anakin Skywalker's padawan during the early years of the clone wars and has been involved in quite a few of the skirmishes outside of the tentpole movies. It would seem that she is hunting down Grand Admiral Thrawn who is/was the big bad after Return of the Jedi for those who read the extended universe fictions.

There is no repairing the damage of the sequel trilogy but it looks like they are having fun adapting better written stories and inserting them into the tapestry of Star Wars via The Mandalorian.

It's a shame that we only get episode sized moments back in the Star Wars universe but they are quality episodes and a labour of love for sure.

The whole samurai/spaghetti Western theme in this episode was a real treat and handled perfectly to my mind.

Michael Biehn too

And well done to Rosario Dawson for taking on Ahsoka as well as she did

LOL. 🤡🌎