Basic Instinct : Non-simulated scenes and Michael's schlong

Non-simulated scenes and Michael's schlong

Very obviously. That's how Mike Douglas "caught" "throat" cancer. 😁

And how come nobody talks about Michael's schlong?? It's right there in a profile display for a couple secs, but it's there!

It was all about her crotch shot but the woman has ZERO happening downstairs, just the same as upstairs. Sharon Stone had a beautiful face and personality, but her body was boring as a Ken doll. The crotch is actually scary: looked like she had it surgically removed! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Re: Non-simulated scenes and Michael's schlong

There’s a lot of direction and choreography involved in movie sex scenes. Probably enough to ruin any kind of real arousal and chemistry so it’s safe to say nothing in that movie was non-simulated.

Proof that porn stars and their on set fluffers really earn their money.

"You had me at Elk Tartare"
-Erin Wotherspoon

Re: Non-simulated scenes and Michael's schlong

Not really. People like Sharon Stone and the unrelated male/female trash you had to bring into the discussion in your last sentence couldn't care less who is watching.

The point of the matter is you get a load of Mickey's peepee and no one has mentioned this in decades?? And the oral wasn't (totally) faked. Sure we don't know for sure but his lips made obvious contact and from there… no camera so he's doing his thing and Sharon is the type, plus he blamed "that" for his "throat" cancer… you do the math!
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