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1917 v Dunkirk

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Re: 1917 v Dunkirk

There are some movies that should never be compared, and those are two of them. Both perfect in their own way.

Re: 1917 v Dunkirk

1917 is a good movie, slightly let down by the poor quality acting. Dunkirk is a disgrace to cinema. Watch the John Mills version if you want to see a real movie about Operation Dynamo.

Re: 1917 v Dunkirk

Dunkirk. 1917 was great but it's nowhere near as great as Dunkirk. The ending with the main character reading Churchill's "We Shall Never Surrender" speech as Tom Hardy lands his plane way behind enemy lines while Variation 15 plays is one of the best endings in movie history.

I'm really surprised Dunkirk isn't as highly rated as other Nolan films since it's easily his second-best movie, if not his best.

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