Documentary : Chris Watts - Documentary

Chris Watts - Documentary

This thoroughly disgusts me. This man is married, with 2 children and his wife is 15 weeks pregnant. To everyone on the outside, their lives looked perfect. A two-income home, making plenty of money, and what appears to be loving parents and a loving couple.

Until he had an affair with a woman at work who wanted what Watts had with his wife. The mistress researched and stalked the wife, wrote letters to Watts on office stationary (yes, they worked together), and everything revolved around sex it would appear.

He smothered his wife, loaded her dead body into his truck, and took his two little children, alive, loaded them into the car. Based on security footage from a neighbour and their own home insurance, his wife saw what was going on.

He drove his pregnant wife and 2 little children (I think age 2 and 3), and while they were alive, he stuffed his daughter down into an oil well while she fought back, and while the other daughter begged for her life, she stuffed her into another oil barrel. Buried his wife in a shallow grave on the site.

If it weren't for a friend doing a wellness check and calling the cops, he would have gotten away with it, claiming she ran away with the children. I followed this so closely, probably too closely, when I realized what he had done to get rid of his wife and children so he could continue to see this skank at work (who was researching how people feel about "the other women," and what to expect if she "wrong a book" about this if she got caught, her search history included how to prep for anal sex….The texts the officers asked for showed that Chris deleted quite a few of them to make himself look like a bigger man who loved his wife his kids and just wanted his family back.

Highly recommend to anyone interested in this journey of a psychopathic mind of a man who's only thinking with is dick.

"When you can't look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark." ~ Alice in Wonderland