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Analyze Gee Whiz

This is a pretty gay forum. Surely you people are good at all things "anal" including analysis.

What drove Gee Whiz to catfishing? Yes, whatever it was happened in "the spur of the moment," but what exactly was it that happened in that spur of the moment?

Now, Mr. whiz is a very regular looking Joe. He had no apparent reason for his crimes. What was his end game in catfishing? Or was there one?


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Oh how I adore Bernadette Peters. Her voice. Love that voice.

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Right? I love her too


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Dude, you posted a fake photo as well and claimed it was you. I thought you were that guy for years. You ruined my hard-on. Maybe you can explain why people do it?

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Wtf? I am Ross ulbricht.


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He's lonely. So very lonely!

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It all happened on the spurt of the moment.

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I can't wait to impale Vlad on my cock.

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He's a nice guy

Hey Diddler, Diddler….the cat and the fiddler LOL

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So was Saddam Hussein.


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Really, what's so hard to understand about this nonsense?

It just kind of happened on the spur of the moment, originally.

I had been using my own pics…then I used a sketch filter on an image of myself.

Whatever topics were on the board at that time got me inspired to do a sketch filter on one of Simon's pics that I had on my hard drive at the time, and I was just gonna use it as an avatar without saying it was me.

I thought it was a bit obvious that it wasn't me from the other pics I had been using…but a few were making comments and I was kind of overwhelmed that they actually thought it was me.

And then I got invited to Tanya's chat room and was more focused on that than the board for a while.

Other drama was going on, so my pic wasn't relevant to anything really.

After a while, I just decided to keep it as Simon…and using various pics of him in my avatar and changing them a lot cos I couldn't find ones I liked enough to keep there and didn't see any point going back to ones of myself.

I had been posting the singing vocaroos and just thought Simon looked more like a match for the voice at that point.

And people just got used to that being me, so I started saying it was me…not really giving it much thought of what that would lead to down the road.

At the same time, I was sharing vids of Luke singing, and he didn't look like Simon at all, so I just wondered why no one even asked me why they didn't seem to match.

Then at one point I was chatting with Tanya, Rocket and Patrick in our chatroom, and playing one of Luke's vids and I don't recall how it came up, but I said something to them like I didn't think the pics in my avatar looked like me…that I looked more like the guy in the video in person.

It was just kind of odd that they accepted anything I said back then without even questioning it.

Rocket had plenty of chances to call me out on it then, but I don't think anyone was paying that much attention nor even cared.

Otherwise, I would've just said that isn't really me.

I had stopped playing vids of Luke for a long while after that because we were all focused on the other stuff going on.

Too much other stuff going on at that time, that what I looked like wasn't a thing that mattered… we were focused on all the drama that had been going on and our conversations weren't about me that much.
If they were, it had nothing to do with my pics or voice.

Ben and PE were more like the 2 who were flattering me about my looks when I first came here.

But no one really questioned anything until someone posted screen caps of me and Monica from the chatroom, and whoever did those arranged them in a way that didn't match up - Monica was in different positions and I was like in the same poses, so they were laughing and saying I looked like a statue and I never changed my facial expression.

But that's not how it happened in the chat room…whoever did those caps put images of Monica from the point I wasn't even on cam.

But that started a bit of a debate on the board and then Vlad came out of nowhere and started the catfish thing…but it didn't last long.

He even called Monica a catfish as well.

And really, I had no idea who Vlad was - that was the first I'd ever seen him on the board.

But I think there was some jealousy vibe happening about me chatting with Monica or something like that…it was odd.

We were just chatting…so I didn't get what that was about.

That topic would only come up occasionally where someone would say I looked like a comic book character or that I always posted pics at the same angle or that I always had the same expression on my face…and then they'd throw out he's fake

Or that I had faked the cam feed in some way in the chat room.

Then when the big thing happened about me not being the singer, Luke…the catfish stuff followed it immediately.

Like yea, he faked his singing and his pics too.

I admitted to the voice not being mine but not the pics.

At that time, I had too much at stake to come clean about that as well

I was struggling emotionally over all the other stuff that was going on around it, that it was not a good time to even attempt admitting the pics weren't me as well.

Way too much hostility on the board and I just didn't have the energy for it.

And I also was far too concerned about Simon's identity getting revealed because that meant the board would see nudes of him and that is what I was determined not let happen.

I had been viciously attacked over the other stuff…that added to it would've killed me.

The whole character assassination thing and certain people trying to drive me off the board.

I needed some credibility left.

I thought the sign thing would throw people off and it be something to make light of and laugh about but it turned into the opposite - it got much worse after that.

And I still didn't want Simon's identity known because of the porn.

So I dealt with being harassed every day about being a catfish and I just wasn't gonna give in.

I came this far and wasn't gone to have everything taken from me because certain people who I hadn't even associated with.

I was trying to help out with the board and make some music and movie topics and keep in discussion of what the board was supposed to be about, and all people wanted from me was my personal info.

Most of whom I didn't know nor ever saw pics of - I didn't feel I owed that to anyone.

Not unless we were really close.

I would respond mostly to Rocket…because he was someone I chatted with and knew since I came to JC's board.

And most who I was close with weren't questioning me at all about it, so why would I come clean about it?

It took a toll on me and most had distanced themselves from me…I was no longer going to the chat rooms…and I had to put my focus and energy elsewhere.

I tried to maintain some dignity out of it.

I stopped posting pics on the board and only used them in my profile.

When I took the pic away for a month in October for the Halloween season, I was still getting harassed…and I even left here for almost 2 weeks because I had enough of it by then.

Other things were going on in my life…and I was about to give up on being here.

I don't recall what it was that brought me back, but I started giving things another try but being trolled on here never really stopped.

Then when you think things couldn't get any worse, PAGG posted a frontal nude pic of Simon on the board and I was just like 'this can't be happening'

Like he'd manage to find a needle in a haystack and that was the end of it right there.

I didn't know what to do at that point…only that I felt like I wanted to just run and not look back.

Then I wanted to die.

I realized I had support from some people here and if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have gotten thru that. The pics was doctored and looked fake anyway.

Then new members came along and some of that took the attention off me for a bit but not for long.

Every day would feel like it was the last to me though.

During the holidays, I was more focused on my personal life and spending less time on the board.

That helped me get back to myself, and I thought I had gotten thru what I thought was my worst nightmare, I could handle anything at that point, so I wasn't gonna let anything else get to me.

But then it started up again with someone asking for the link to the geewizzz site and Vlad saying Rocket was sending it around, and I was like what link?

What geewizzz site are they linking to?

And What's going on here?

No one's telling me, so they must be bluffing

Then PE posts Simon's username and once I saw that others viewed the thread, there was nothing I could do at that point.

It didn't matter that I deleted the thread, it was seen and I knew what would follow.

And it did.

And I was like, well thanks a lot PE - you just gang raped me and shot me dead.

So now do I just stay dead or do I have to go through this ordeal again and explain myself a million times over or what?

And it isn't even me - you guys did that to someone else but I'm carrying the cross for that person.

That's the hell I'd been going thru since the catfish claims started.

Doxxers and trolls at me continuously and trying to literally kill me.

And why?

What did I even do?

"I lied" - that's something no one else here would ever do, right? [sarcasm]

I was nice to everyone here and this is what I got for it.

And would all this drama had happened if you had just been honest from the start?

Yes…there would've been drama regardless

Maybe not to this extent but definitely drama…because there had already been drama before all this that I was dragged into.

I'm thinking my mistake wasn't actually using Simon's pics nor using Luke's singing - it was that I got too involved.

I don't think I should've joined Tanya's chatroom.

Much drama started shortly after that…and that became a burden on me since.

It was one thing after another from there.

And the PMs I had with JC in the couple weeks ahead of the mass bannings on his board was the other huge mistake I made.

I trusted the wrong people.

And I was talked into coming to this board a month after the bannings…and that was like the ultimate mistake, yet I wanted to hang on for the sake of the friendships I thought I had built.

And there are people keeping me going…they are the reason I'm still around but how do I keep doing this when even after everything came out, I'm still getting harassed for it.

What do my haters really want?

Why is it so important to them that they run me off the board?

What do they think the board will be without me here?

I mean, really all they've been doing was making threads about me all last year….so what will you have left to talk about if I go?

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Well put.


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He looks like Woody Harrelson playing a role as an autistic farmer.