Victor Mature : Born to be tortured

Born to be tortured

Film-makers understandably liked to strip off Victor Mature's shirt in order to display that famous torso, but then they got busy inflicting pain on it. Think of the punishment Mature suffers as Samson in "Samson and Delilah." Then he's tortured in Caligula's dungeon in "The Robe." Then he's flogged twice in "Zarak." The second flogging proves fatal, making him -- according to "Lash! The 100 Great Scenes of Men Being Whipped in the Movies -- the only movie-star to play a character who's whipped to death in a movie. Then Mature is stripped to the waist, staked-out spreadeagle style, and subjected to spider torture in "Timbuktu." It seems Mature spent a lot of his career writhing in agony!