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She is mesmerizing! A total knockout! No surprise since her mother is Andie Macdowell.

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Her looks and her acting are just wonderful. Simply sizzling and SEXY just like her mother, Andie.....just rewatched Groundhog Day and they are just a radiantly beautiful mother/daughter team.

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Yes, though the daughter may be even prettier than the ma

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... and her older sister Rainey. One good looking collection of women right there!

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I was hoping that this would come out like a "stand alone" comment although I firmly agree with hgs91's assessment. Notwithstanding however, this young and very professional actress seems to grow and cement her acting chops on an episode by episode basis. I find her to be exhilarating, especially with what she's done with that character, "Jill."

As for me she is just about the only actress in her age category that can be an absolute snot however, before the sequence is over she has completely realized that her character has been doing age appropriate sheee-it and she always has a way of making the other cast members understand. Example: Jill: "Please don't *beep* this one up, Dad"... Dad: "What do you mean, have I *beep* this up?" Jill: [Responds quite openly and especially lovingly] "No, but there's potential."

I hope that anyone reading this short story (especially writers and/or directors, producers, or creators and Margaret of course!) has every seen a similar character(s)in Ray Donavan; those kids are never thankful for anything.

Lastly, she is one of the few actors alive today that I pray for...she's got it down, meaning behavior and coolness factor, I am unable to conjure up anything remotely comparable between Margaret and Kristen Stewart! How dare could anyone?

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I totally agree, she is superb and her mother is superb as well.

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shes prettier than her mother