Sam Claflin : Looks 40

Looks 40

He's only 27, but he looks more than ten years older. He's aging badly.

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Uh, he looks his age.

Age obsessed much? I find it funny how you make posts declaring someone looks old or young for their age, but never find a balance. At the expense of sounding mean, are you truly this stupid or just extremely young and nave? I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say it is the latter – you obviously don't know what real adults look like.

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And she thinks Lily Collins looks 17 when she looks every bit of 25." alt="laugh.gif"> Sam looks his age.

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Re: Looks 40

That is exactly what I mean. Notice how lots of her posts pertain to someone looking older or younger than their age…is there no balance? And yeah, Lily and Sam look like contemporaries.