Oasis : SUCH good music!

SUCH good music!

breathtaking really.. all their stuff is beautiful. why are some bands so good?

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I would say that the chemistry between the band members of Oasis is just very good. Both leaders of the band are brothers and know each other very well so they are able to trust each other and don't need to care about unimportant stuff like other bands have to. However, just my personal suggestion.

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IMHO, that answer is so far off the mark, it's a little mind-blowing. "Unimportant stuff" is what kept Oasis from ever being huge in the US. Oasis is officially no more because the one brother literally couldn't stand to be around the other brother for one day longer. So, my opinion would differ drastically from the previous poster's.

Given all the tensions within the band, and the struggles they faced, it's an absolute miracle they hung on for as long as they did.

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Re: SUCH good music!

The attitude and conflicts that destroyed Oasis has pretty much relegated them to not being that well known in America. Don't get me wrong, there ARE millions of Americans who know who Oasis is but it's a sad fact that more Americans are oblivious to them while being more familiar with George Michael or Simon Cowell.