Oasis : Noel OR Liam?

Noel OR Liam?

Noel Gallagher OR Liam Gallagher?

Who of the two brothers do you personally like more? And why exactly?

I have to say that I like Noel Gallagher more. It's just that I prefer his appearance in public. He seems to be the more introverted character of them who actually thinks before starting to talk. Plus he's the creative leader, and I always had a thing for creative people.

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don't know them well enough but Liam is a very nice name. what does it mean? i've always liked that name.

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Okay, I was searching for the meaning of the name Liam via google and I found out that there are two different meanings. The Germanic meaning for the name Liam implies "will, desire, helmet and protection". The Hebrew meaning for Liam is simply "my people".

Instead Noel is of French origin and it simply means "Christmas" in English language.

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Noel without a doubt, he writes most of the stuff.

Plus i prefer his overall personality

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Although i love them both (i was named after Liam Gallagher) buuuuut i'd have to go with Noel, he's just... AWESOME!