Jim Jefferies : Hot and hilarious

Hot and hilarious

I love a hot, funny guy, and Jim is both. I was finally able to start watching Legit, and I think it's fantastic. I hope it sticks around, as it's definitely better than most TV that's out there right now, especially in the comedy world. :)

Jim is probably in my Top 3 favorite stand-up comedians as well. "I Swear to God" is one of the best shows I've ever seen. Right up there in laugh factor with Eddie Izzard's "Dressed to Kill" for me.

Hot and hilarious

says he's a 5
in a bell curve werlt of tonna 4 - 6's
- Uh -
might b 2 caught up in quantification

gotta shay
gettin' a tad precher/lecturer

maybe I just need a nap

Gelebt haben. Zu sterben, um wieder zu leben.

Re: Hot and hilarious

Totally agree with you, Heather! He is smoking hot! Not seen Legit yet but may have to import the DVD as my BluRay player plays NTSC discs. I saw him in York, UK in 2012 and he is a gentleman.

Re: Hot and hilarious

So it's not just me then lol. I never admitted to anyone before that I think he's hot. But a couple of months ago I was in the second row at one of his gigs and up close he kinda looked like he might have had a bit of work done on his face. He's lost quite a bit of weight (boo, I preferred him bigger) but I don't think it's just that that's made him look a little different. It was hard to tell when I met him after the show because it was outside in the dark.

I still wouldn't say no though!

🐈i love my cats!🐈

Re: Hot and hilarious

he's bloody ugly but funny.