Vladimir Putin : Financial Intelligence Activities

Financial Intelligence Activities

Ответственность ставится под сомнение, что и как лучшие знания, причины,и информация используется в комитетах Конгресса разведки. Кто наш лучший
союзника оценить подотчетность? Является ли ответственность вопрос о гражданстве в наших альянсов, безусловно. Граждане в нашей глобальной экономике, которые разделяют общие интерес, что знания и информация, которая включает в себя участие их суверенитет будет иметь Intergrity, а природа, которая находится в пределах внешней политики, которая их гражданство чествовали при взаимном учете этих прав в экономической Endevor Соединенных Штатов.

Не следует ли этос народной воли гражданством пригласить людей как граждан в братстве этого союза? Общая цель гражданства быть мотивом что землячество, который enstills доверие, должны также способствовать честности и целостности для обмена информацией в reasonsable смысле этого мировой экономики, которые применяются правила. Такие, как финансовое право, нормативные документы, а все другие правила. (Translation by Google Inc., Translate)

Accountability is questioned by what and how the best of the knowledge, reasons, and information is used by Congressional Intelligence Committees. Who is our best ally to assess the accountability? Is the accountability a question of citizenship in our alliances, most certainly. Citizens in our global economy who share a common interest that the knowledge, and information involved that includes their sovereignty will be of intergrity, and a nature which is within the foreign policy which their citizenship is being honored under mutual consideration of those rights in an economic endevor of the United States.

Should not the ethos of the popular will by citizenship invite the people as citizens in a fraternity of that alliance? The common purpose of citizenship being a motive to that fraternity, which enstills trust, should also promote the honesty and integrity to share information in a reasonsable sense of that global economy that the rules apply. Such as financial law, regulations, and all other rules.

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems states that:

...accountability as an essential principle of democracy that is based on an explicit set of rules and ethical standards and reflects the popular will...oversight of the use of administrative resources by elected officials...

(International Foundation for Electoral Systems. Accountability. IFES. from internet 2017, http://www.ifes.org/issues/accountability).

Under Article IV of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund,...the Federal Open Market Committee...to execute open market transactions for the System Open Market Account as provided in this Authorization, to the extent necessary to carry out any foreign currency directive of the Committee.

Secretary, Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System,
20th Street and Constitution Avenue NW.,
Washington, DC 20551.

The United States Code empowers the U.S. President and begs the reasons and information to the Congressional Intelligence Committees:

...the President determines such an action is necessary to support identifia 1ebc ble foreign policy objectives of the United States and is important to the national security of the United States...

...the term “covert action” means an activity or activities of the United States Government to influence political, economic, or military conditions abroad, where it is intended that the role of the United States Government...(50 U.S. Code 3093 Presidential approval and reporting of covert actions. from Cornell Law Project Legal Information Institute).

The term “congressional intelligence committees” means
(A) the Select Committee on Intelligence of the Senate; and
(B) the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House of Representatives (50 U.S. Code 3003 Definitions. from Cornell Law Project Legal Information Institute).

Nothing in this chapter (50 U.S. Code Chapter 44 NATIONAL SECURITY, and or, this chapter may be cited as the “National Security Act of 1947” (50 U.S. Code 3001 Short title), shall be construed as authority to withhold information from the congressional intelligence committees on the grounds that providing the information to the congressional intelligence committees would constitute the unauthorized disclosure of classified information or information relating to intelligence sources and methods. (50 U.S. Code 3091 General congressional oversight provisions(e)Construction of authority conferred. from Cornell Law Project Legal Information Institute).

See Also. 50 U.S. Code § 3107 Certification of compliance with oversight requirements

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