Etan Cohen : Just two 'H' away..

Just two 'H' away..

From being a hack with the same name to a great classic director. Instead he is a hack director with a missing "H" and an extra "H" away from having the same name.

Re: Just two 'H' away..

You ain't kiddin', neither. I find it hard to believe that this was one of three screenwriters who wrote one of my favorite comedies, Tropic Thunder. The otb68her two being Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux. I watched Get Hard in stunned disbelief at just how bad that film is. It was not funny at all, offensive no matter what your skin color is, witless, predictable and just plain ole' stupid. Now, I read he has been given the task of the next Ghostbusters film? A film that is supposed to lure the old sourpuss Bill Murray back to play Venkman? YIKES!! You hit the nail on the head. Get Hard was an atrocity and I blame Etan Cohen, primarily. Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell should know better, as well. Let us pray and hope Etan figures out what made the original another classic.

"Have a better one"