Getting On : Did the guy put the vaginal cream in the wrong place on purpose???

Did the guy put the vaginal cream in the wrong place on purpose???

Since he pukes on the FLOOR on purpose, blames it on a PATIENT, and then demands that someone else CLEAN it up, is it possible he also puts the VAGINAL CREAM up the wrong place ON PURPOSE???

And this is his way of DISPLACING the ANGER he feels for being rejected by his former girlfriend who's married the other guy now???

Don't all of those other SNARKY and RUDE COMMENTS about the fishing trip also seem to confirm that's what's going on???

Can the patients also SUE this nurse for what he did to them???

Or at least get him FIRED from his job???

Wonder if the other nurse he use to date will also claim she's the one who did it as a way to try and help him keep his job???

Then she'll also get fired???

And isn't DR. JENNA JAMES also married to someone else???

Yet there she is FLIRTING with this other guy???

It's so SAD that this is also the last season for this wonderful show!!!



How many other rectums do you think you may have INADVERTENTLY PENETRATED???

We should all be ashamed to die until we've scored some victory for HUMANITY.

And time's a wastin.

LOVE this SHOW!!!

Re: Did the guy put the vaginal cream in the wrong place on purpose???

He didnt puke there on purpose, he puked because he had been working out too hard.

and i think the joke was that he is gay and is unfamiliar with female anatomy

Re: Did the guy put the vaginal cream in the wrong place on purpose???

The impression one gets is he's ACTING OUT on the WARD because he's JEALOUS of the way that his former girlfriend marries the maintenance man on the REBOUND after breaking up with him.

So perhaps he also hopes the PUKE would be cleaned up by her???

And she also mentions how he still doesn't know the difference between a VAGINA and RECTUM, but as a PROFESSIONAL NURSE that's also NO EXCUSE.

And the DOCTOR also tells him to STOP IT when he's making EXCUSES about his bad back, because she also KNOWS there's NO WAY this guy makes the SAME MISTAKE that many times with that many women.

So the MAIN ISSUE seems to be he simply doesn't want to place it into the VAGINA (which he also finds REPLUSIVE as a Gay man).

And there were also other discussions with his girlfriend about how he also AVOIDS her vagina.

She complains that he likes the BACK part of her but not the FRONT PART.

Go here:

And she likes the way the other guy likes her FRONT PART and her TOP parts and doesn't just focus on her BOTTON BACK part.

Also LOVED the way he SHAKES his BACK PART while DANCING and the other DOCTOR who's there to replace DR. JENNA looks at him like his NUTS.

He can also DANCE and move around pretty well can't he???

Which also seems to confirm how he's LIED about his BACK PROBLEM???