Wendy Richard : God Bless and RIP Wendy

God Bless and RIP Wendy

Thanks so much for your great talent and many laughs, so sad to hear of your passing....may you have angels singing on your side!

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So true, thank you for all the laughs throughout the years. God bless you, Wendy. I'll remember you for EastEnders and Are You Being Served and more, yes, thanks Wendy.

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I only just found out today; I'd just taken an "AYBS?" DVD out of the library and thought I'd hunt up the surviving cast members here on IMDb...

Only to find out Wendy is now not among them.

Like most of the males who watched the program (bearing in mind I discovered it here in the States on PBS during the 1990's), I found Wendy's Miss Shirley Brahms funny, sexy, and lovable.

I find it so ironic that in the 1993 "Doctor Who" special "Dimensions in Time," her "EastEnders" character appeared at various points in time, including the year 2013. So tragic that she should die four years shy of that.

My heart is with you, dear Wendy.

"Only a Sith deals in absolutes" is an absolute statement.

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Just found out today of Wendy's passing. I knew she had been ill for awhile.

RIP Wendy.

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It came as a shock to me! I read that Molly Sugden (Mrs. Slocombe) died then on down a list I read that Wendi Richards died. Wow both woman characters old and young died so close to each other. I really liked Miss Brahms character on the show. Her death came as a surprise.