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Wonderful Actor

Noel Purcell was a wonderful actor, with rugged looks, and a manner to match, and that splendid beard he wore so much of the time. I recognize him best when he's wearing it. He often played men of the sea, in "adventuring" roles, on land or sea.

I first saw him when I was a child, on television, a late afternoon movie, The Blue Lagoon, on a weekday, likely a school day. His robustious qualities were charming to a child, or to this child anyway; and the way he related to children made him feel like a Santa Claus of the Pacific. His gift was himself, warm and jovial.

Occasionally, Purcell could be intimidating. He had coarse features and a rough way of speaking, though at his best he played caring characters. He was guileless, not subtle. I can't recall him ever playing a sneaky sort, as his straightforwardness made him come across as trustworthy. I remember him almost as if he was a member of my family.