Erin Murphy : What's your favorite 'tabitha' episode?

What's your favorite 'tabitha' episode?

So what is your favorite Bewitched episode starring Erin Murphy? I think mine is "Tabitha's Very Own Samantha". I like it cuz that's something a kid that age would probably do and I just think she's adorable in that episode (true, she's adorable in all of them). Anyway that gets my vote.

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Check out the best Bewitched website EVER!!! you can see synopsis' of every episode ever made along with commercials and interesting fun character/actor facts!

"Sisters at Heart" was a ground breaking episode on racism

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My favs are the ones where she turned into a raisin cookie and when she jumped into the jack & the beanstalk story.

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yes! the jack and the beanstalk episode is great! there was a bewitched marathon on tv yesterday and I had the pleasure of seeing many episodes back to back.