Politics : Sweden wants to ban bullet proof vests.

Sweden wants to ban bullet proof vests.

Because its racist and Islamophobic to not let a Muslim kill you.

Sweden, the same country that paid thousands in welfare to ISIS terrorists and offered them drivers licenses and housing grants if they come home is now considering trying to stop their regular citizens from protecting themselves with bulletproof vests.

This comes as citizens are afraid of the increasing violence which many attribute to the rise in Muslim immigration.


The architect of the ban believes that getting rid of bulletproof armor will decrease violence

Allan Widman, chairman of the Swedish parliamentary defense committee, demands that individuals are prohibited from wearing bulletproof vests to protect themselves from the increasing violence, which he believes will increase further without a ban, reports Sydsvenskan.

Just a few weeks ago, a bulletproof vest probably saved the life of a 18-year-old in Malmö, and more people, not just criminals, buy and wear bulletproof vests in the increasingly tougher Swedish society, where bullets some times fly right beside hand grenades.



I guess Swedens do love grenades.


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I was going to call BS but that statement by Widman is so unbelievably stupid it could only come out of a politicians mouth.

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well i looked at some swedish articles, allan widman says that gang members are the ones wearing vests, the 18-year-old who survived was one of them, the police want them banned so they can kill the gang members, widman also wants more laws against people caught with grenades and to raise minimum sentences

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Are grenades legal there now?

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well i cant really tell, this is what the article says

Handgranater är lika farliga som skjutvapen. Straffet bör därför vara likställt med straffen för skjutvapen, sa Anders Ygeman.
Enligt de nya reglerna höjs minimistraffet för grovt brott till ett års fängelse. Vid synnerligen grova fall ska man kunna dömas till sex års fängelse.
Vi välkomnar regeringens förslag, men tycker inte att det går tillräckligt långt, säger Allan Widman.
Liberalerna kräver att minimistraffet ska höjas till två års fängelse. Då skulle polisen regelmässigt få möjlighet att sätta in tvångsmedel telefonavlyssning mot personer som misstänks vara beväpnade med handgranater.

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I too found it curious that there might not be enough laws covering possession of hand-grenadesI figured they would mostly be a time-out, even in very liberal countriesbut, we could be wrong.

See, Sweden really WAS an incredibly low-crime low-violence country before all of this shyt with immigrants startedit has not been at war for maybe 2 centuries..unlike most of their neighbors, they even managed to avoid WW2.

You knowthey are all 'Demolition Man" cops and citizens.

If you treat (violent irrational AD600 savages) really really well, bend over backwards to accomodate, even appease and defer to them, and be ever more generous to them with endless freebees and handouts, then they will be good .
That was what all of Scandinavia believed.
We know how that works.

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so they can kill the gang members

Sweden just wants to jail them in a penthouse suite.

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there are actually recorded cases of third worldies , and people from the Balkans, gypsies and what have you, committing crimes in those nordic countries, or Switzerland, or Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, because of the fantastic prisons..one guy wrote about the picture-postcard view of the alps from his comfortable suite..

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So it wasn't enough that the Swedish meatballs wanted the girls and women there to just lay there while they got raped by Muzzies, now they want them to just make it easy for the Muzzies to shoot them?

"You only have power over people so long as you don't take everything away from them." Solzhenitsyn

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the 18-year old who got shot might have been a muslim, he was put on trial in the past for setting police car on fire, but not convicted, only convicted for some drug charges

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probably they need a law against burning cop cars, to go with the new anti-grenade laws..

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What has caused the Swedish to become so retarded?

Is it generations of in-breeding?

I ask this in all seriousness.


That had not occurred to us, Dude.