Beyoncé : Madonna is an awful role model for women

Madonna is an awful role model for women

She talks about empowering women and young girls, yet she has spent 35 years showing the world every inch of her body. The music industry has regressed a lot since her arrival in 1983. Women don't have to strip off to become strong, powerful and successful, look at someone like Joni Mitchell. She's respected by people more than Madonna ever will be. She has no self-respect, shes an awful role model for young women, and she only cares about column inches and self-promotion. She's the reason we have this vacuous culture today. She's proof that artists with the least amount of clothes usually have the least amount of talent. It isn't remotely surprising that nearly every respected artist in the industry has never cited her as an influence or someone they admire. Her influence stretches no further than the likes of Britney, Katy and Miley.

To see Madonna marching in Washington was ridiculous. It's impossible for her to act with class. She always has to drag things down to gutter level. A few years ago she pulled down a teenage fans top and exposed her breasts onstage. And yet women applaud her for it. She is as much of a hypocrite as the Hollywood actresses and singers who are vocal about their support for womens rights despite working with the likes of Roman Polanski and Terry Richardson.

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Obsessed much? She clearly has you bothered.

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There's nothing wrong with a woman showing her body if that's what she wants to do. Madonna is in control and has always been in control, that makes her an icon.

You have issues with women being sexual, go see a therapist.

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Hi Patsy-Clap.

What's wrong with showing your body?

When men sexualize themselves people don't say sh-t, but a woman can't wear a daisy duke that people slut shame her, the same goes to girls that have dated lots of guys, enough with this mysoginy, she has all right to show her body, i do think some of the things she did were unnecessary(showing her breast in a show), but the rest is OK, wearing tight clothes that shows her body doesn't make her talentless, she has talent, she has been known for her music, when people listen to her on the radio for the first time they don't know how she looks.

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