A Good Day to Die Hard : John's son -Jai Courtney bad casting ? ?

John's son -Jai Courtney bad casting ? ?

Aaron Paul, Liam Hemsworth, James Badge Dale, Paul Walker, Ben Foster, Shiloh Fernandez, Milo Ventimiglia, Paul Dano, Steven R. McQueen, and D.J. Cotrona were considered to play John McClane's son. The role ultimately was earned by Jai Courtney.

I saw this movie and did not like the son or actor playing the part.
Later I find out who it is and he wound up in T5 ruining the character of kyle
reese! and he also has another lead in another big movie coming up, I forget
which one.
He is awful, no charisma and cant act, so how does he keep getting major roles??
I would rather any of the ones I bolded would have played the son in this movie.
It might not save the movie but it would then be ok .
What do others think of Jai in this?


Re: John's son -Jai Courtney bad casting ? ?

He is indeed terrible, its quite obvious. The only movie I thought he was decent in was Jack Reacher (somewhat OK in T5), yet he does indeed keep landing plum big budget movie roles somehow.

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Totally agree. He is very wooden in just about everything. He should stick to meat head villain-henchman roles instead.

Re: John's son -Jai Courtney bad casting ? ?

I agree. He is not a great actor. He is not the main problem with this film though the script, direction and acting by all was bad. Also why film in 1:85 and not 2:35 like the rest of the series.

Re: John's son -Jai Courtney bad casting ? ?

He's always a bad casting. See the Terminator as well.

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Re: John's son -Jai Courtney bad casting ? ?

Watch it, he will be after Rambo next to ruin the holy action trinity.