George Harrison : Sister Cut Off From Fortune – Terrible

Sister Cut Off From Fortune – Terrible

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I met Louise Harrison several times at The Fest for Beatles Fans in Secaucus, NJ. She calls herself Lou. She seems like a nice lady. But with all due respect, she was a horrible guest. She barely spoke about George. I would never ask her to say anything negative, but say something. One year she was pushing some environmental charity. I thought that was bogus. I bought a ticket for BeatleFest, not EcoFest.

Here is the article.

WENN, November 28, 2013

George Harrison's sister is living in a pre-fabricated home and "struggling for money" since her allowance from The Beatles star's estate was cut off.

Louise Harrison was given monthly pension payments by the musician up until his death in 2001, but the money was stopped around a year after the star passed away.

The 82-year-old now admits she has no access to her brother's multi-million dollar fortune, and is cash-poor living in rural Missouri.

She tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "It was my pension from him -- it was his intention to make it last my lifetime. He said, 'Given my financial situation, there is no reason on Earth why my sister should ever be in need.' But I was never concerned about the termination of the pension, I have found a way to make a living. ... I am struggling for money, like everyone, but I am not on the breadline."

However, Louise insists she has not challenged her brother's estate over the cash, adding, "I don't care about the money, It's been over 10 years and I haven't made any ripples."

Re: Sister Cut Off From Fortune – Terrible

She recently moved to California. Feel a bit sorry for her. She was in America before the Beatles toured and did a lot of promotional work for the band, had a weekly Beatles radio broadcast, but went unacknowledged by Brian Epstein. Never got paid a cent.