Pat Fraley : This Guy really doesn't respect his fans!

This Guy really doesn't respect his fans!

I asked him at his E-mail to send me an autograph and picture of him, it was about a year ago, so I sended him another E-mail to ask about why I have been waiting a whole year now, but he w5b4on't reply, like he doesn't care at all, I aslo tried to change my name on another E-mail address I have, but it's the same.
So if you want a picture and autograhp from him, don't expect to get it at all except maybe if you talk with his agent and tell him about the situation.

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Re: This Guy really doesn't respect his fans!

As his character was told in Bravestarr


Re: This Guy really doesn't respect his fans!

Oh dear, that's very sad that he won't give you an autograph, I honestly don't know why and as my former Performing arts director would say,"Who knows why they do what they do, only they know why they do it", but maybe he thinks your an autograph hunter who simply wants to sell it, that's one of the reasons these people are sometimes not so keen on autographs.

Maybe you should send him another e-mail and tell him that you want it personalised to you and that you won't sell it. But as I said before, who knows what his reason is, only he knows.

I would also consider myself a fan of his, I absoultely love his voice work as Krang and I think he's truly unique in the way he portrays the character
in how he can do the well known siganture voice trait in which Krang's voice goes slightly lower pitched when he speaks. I don't think anyone else can replicate it as good as he can and that's something only he can do, I mean no offence to the voice actor who played Krang in Turtles Forever, but he seemed to be making Krang do some sort of belch after he spoke, which Krang never ever does in the original show (which further proves my point about how I think that makes Fraley unique)

Again I'm very sad to hear this, and I'm sorry that he seems to be that way to people w2000ho appreciate his work. Also I find it quite sad when celebrites treat their fans this way, I mean they should be flattered that people really respect them and perhaps count themselves lucky that are not someone who never gets any fanmail whatsoever.

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I hope you were an immature kid when you wrote the OP all those years ago, and have grown up a bit since then.

What does "respect" have to do with not replying to an unsolicited email that's asking for something? He's not obligated to respond to fan mail. Maybe he just got a vibe from your email that you might be the type of person that would start a hate thread on IMDb bashing a person because they wouldn't give you free *beep*

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Re: This Guy really doesn't respect his fans!

Infact he DID reply to my mail and told me that he was simply too busy to send autographs to fans.
In the end I fortunately got it

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Re: This Guy really deserves better fans!

"Good for you. Now shove it up your a$$!"

Hehehehe! Got that right what a rude impatient child.

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So, you went to all the trouble of sending an e-mail, and expect him to pay for the photo, the envelope, the postage, and make a trip to the post office just for you. Shame on him. You're not okay.