Matthew Fox : His tattoo from Mao Zedong…

His tattoo from Mao Zedong…

He has a tattoo taken from a line from a poem by Mao…

This is the poem:

Standing alone in the autumn cold:
The Hsiang flowing northward,
Orange Island, the cape.
I see thousands of hills in crimsoned view,
The woods piling up in deep-dye;
The mighty stream, in its gleam of jade,
One hundred barques racing by.
Eagles high up, cleaving the space,
Fish gliding above shallow ground;
Ten thousand creatures, under frosty a sky,
all fighting for freedom.

In the waste's dreariness brooding,
I ask 5b4the blue space without bonds:
Who masters fate's rise and descent?

Once I came here with a hundred companions,
Vivid the months and years yet, filled with pride.
Schoolmates we were, and young altogether,
Upright and honest, in the bloom of our lives;
Impetuous students, full of enthusiasm,
We cast all restraints boldly aside.
Pointing to China, its mountains and rivers,
Setting the people afire with our words,
And counted for muck all those ranking high.
Do you still can remember:
How, venturing midstream, the oars lashed the waters
And the waves yet staying the flight of our boats?

And this the line he has as a tattoo:
Eagles high up, cleaving the space

1. I don't understand the meaning of this line…can someone explain?

2. What is told in the poem?

Re: His tattoo from Mao Zedong…

It is describing the spectacular animal nature,birds are flying free,fishes are swimming allover the river. But all the animal is struggling with law of the jungle.He is yearning for freedom and the pursuit of liberation from the bottom of his heart when he was a student in 1925

Then the second paragraph is about he is looking forward to the revolution and capture his country.