Micheline Dax : R.I.P. 1924-2014 Age: 90

R.I.P. 1924-2014 Age: 90

Micheline Dax, actress, singer and whistler, died
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By Renaud Machart

Micheline Dax - Micheline Josette-Rene Etevenon his real name - who died on April 27 in Paris at the age of 90, was, like most actors of her generation (she was born March 3, 1924 in Paris ), a variety artist in the first and now slightly overused sense. She knew all do : play comedy theater, cinema and television, sing , double vote of movies and cartoons, to the service in funny games such famous televised Academy of nine or Francophonissime The

The girl studying at the Cours Simon and destined to play Berenice and The Lady of the Camellias , what its naturally deep voice predisposed. But we did not take one second seriously this hot and sexy brunette and he had, to his great sadness then deflect his career plans to the comic genre and boulevardier, in which she made a magnificent popular career, which began in 1946 the troupe Branquignols, with Colette Brosset and Robert Dhry.

A from 1949, alongside his work in theater and cabaret, it turns very many feature films, notably with Jacques Becker ( Rue de l'Estrapade , 1952), Sacha Guitry ( If Paris Were Told to Us , 1955) Henri Decoin ( Le Pav de Paris , 1960), Jacques Demy ( The most important event since man walked on the Moon , 1972), Tonie Marshall ( Pentimento , 1989) and a sling load of little nanars memorable. His last two appearances on the big screen was in 2009 in benches (Versailles Rive Droite) , Bruno Podalyds and Invisible Woman , Agathe Teyssier. However it still happens on television, on M6 in the mini-series The Worst Week of My Life (2011), Frederic Aubertin.


Micheline Dax was also a singer of training . In 1998, had met before a concert organized for her pianist Philippe Cassard to Summertime Gerberoy, he then ran with Eric Slabiak, she told the world: "I was light soprano. Nobody wanted to believe , with the deep voice that I already had a child. But I was actually a fluted soprano comfortable in the treble. At three years, I sang operettas I heard. I loved it. "

She works with a singer of the Paris Opera, is recommended by the choirmaster Yvonne Ruled composer Henri Dutilleux at the time stationed at the national broadcasting: "I passed the audition, there was not want me as a classical opera singer but received me unanimously in the category "folklore"! When I went to the jury for an interview, after having sung, nobody wanted to believe that the spoken voice so serious was that of the singer auditioned blind "

It is then known as an interpreter operetta: "I replaced at short notice the title role of La Grande Duchesse de Gerolstein [of Jacques Offenbach] I was called on Friday and I'm on stage Monday evening without having repeated. I had everything memorized in a few hours, the staging, the music, the lyrics A miracle! " It records in 1967 The Merry Widow by Franz Lehar, but confronts the prejudices of some musicians: "They then took me to an actress, an entertainer, and did not think I could do it. But I am proud of this Widow! "

Whistling AND dubber

Micheline Dax claimed boldly and seriously another job musical. whistling "Little One, I already whistled. Later, when I worked my pieces, I deciphered whistling. I do not guess that I was going to make an occupation! Yet, among the musicians, I was classified as "instrument". One day, Kosma looking for a Piping Jean Giono, who produced a film [Croesus, 1960]. I had auditioned me and l had cut whistle, if I say : he sat down and looked at me, dumbfounded, throughout the recording of the music. I am always happy to whistle , especially when someone like William Sheller specially written me a song ! " [Aria Dax - from the album Olympiad]

It was also a great dubber. Some will remember his cow Azalea in The Magic Roundabout (1966) but there are many more to know his hilarious incarnation of the French voice of Miss Piggy in the famous series of the Muppet Show (1977-1981): "Do you that I was called and asked me if I wanted to double a big crazy slut's body? I said yes right away, of course! The handful of actors [Roger Carel, Pierre Tornado, Francis Lax and Grard Hernandez] was divided roles We were passing ten votes each and rcrivions texts. And I was not that women's voices! It was an amazing experience "

At the end of his career, Micheline Dax gradually lost his eyesight, which prevented him from storing new texts. She has yet been able to deliver an unexpected experience: she was one of the actresses to succeed in Paris in 2005, in The Vagina Monologues (1996) by Eve Ensler.

Feeling behind this eloquence of service rigolotte a crack that she had to hide from her debut comic actress, his friend Philippe Cassard asked him to read during the festival Romantic Nights Lac du Bourget in Aix-Les-Bains, in 2000, Frulein Else (1924), Arthur Schnitzler. Pianist remembers "Arrive On stage whistling The Merry Widow , for the delight of an audience unprepared to listen to a become over the pages more poignant reading - since it is the story of a girl who will commit suicide in shame s' be delivered to a fair libidinous baron save his family from ruin - Micheline Dax read a sepulchral voice the story in a chilling silence and petrified . "

"She was so caught up in games of this inner drama that lower curtain, she was in tears, collapsed on a chair between two spasms saying: "Nobody has ever asked me to read or embody a dramatic character. It was not until I reached 75 years. " " For those who published his autobiography under the title I gugusse (Plon, 1985) was not that.


1924 : Born in Paris, March 3, 1946 : begins with Branquignols Theatre 1967 : Saves The Merry Widow, Offenbach 2011 : last telefilm, The Worst Week of My Life 2014 : Death, in Paris, April 27th

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