Ronald Colman : F.S. Fitzgerald's Pat Hobby stories

F.S. Fitzgerald's Pat Hobby stories

Ronald Coleman is mentioned in a few of the Pat Hobby stories (if you haven't read them, please do - they're so funny and sad - basically they are stories about Fitzgerald's time in Hollywood as a scriptwriter). He even features in one of them that is particularly funny - when Pat Hobby is finds himself as a tour guide of the Hollywood stars' homes.

Makes me wonder whether Fitzgerald actually did know RC when he was in Hollywood.

Re: F.S. Fitzgerald's Pat Hobby stories

I couldn't find anything that suggests Ronald Colman ever met F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's likely that they did since Fitzgerald was in Hollywood during the 1930s and David Niven met him.

Re: F.S. Fitzgerald's Pat Hobby stories

I would think, yes, he might have met him - perhaps just at a party or gathering. I wasn't aware of Fitzgerald meeting David Niven - I don't recall him being mentioned in the Pat Hobby stories.

There is one story that features Orson Wells - I doubt that Fitzgerald met him though, even at a party.