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Ronald Coleman trivia

Ronald Coleman entertained movie audiences for years with his illustrious voice and characterizations. Some of his famous speeches as his final speech before going to the Guillotine in Tale of Two Cities (It is a far, far better thing....) were recorded on 78 rpm albums. But his appeal became wider spread when he and his wife Benita were guest stars on the Jack Benny radio show. They supposedly lived next door to Benny and were constantly being bothered by his borrowing of a cup of sugar, the lawn mower and even Coleman's Oscar. While the Colemans did live in Beverly Hills, they did not live next door to Benny. However, the association was so well entrenched in the public mind that tour guides on sightseeing busses of Beverly Hills were inclined to point out the house next to Benny as the residence of the Colemans. The neighbors soon became used to tourists knocking on the door, wanting to meet the Colemans. Finally, the harrassed neighbors put up a sign on their lawn that said "No, the Colemans do not live here." The Colemans were able to adapt to the comedy situations of Benny's radio scripts and Coleman's introductory line of "I'm in the library, Benita was often imitated by Dennis Day, who was able to imitate several of the radio comedians. In the early Twenties, Coleman was an established star at Paramount and was a good friend of Western star Jack Holt and his family. He was the godfather to Jennifer Holt, who at that time was known by her real name of Elizabeth or "Betty." Once, at the age of two, she got her finger caught in the door of the Coleman's car and would have lost the tip if Coleman had not interceded and held onto the finger until medical help could be provided.

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I love the Jack Benny story. How about this trivia?.

Judy Garland was once asked what she would like for a birthday. She replied "Ronald Colman". One day Judy answered her door after a knock and f b68 ound Ronald Colman wrapped up as a gift. Judy was delighted and gave her ideal man a kiss lol.

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It's gratifying to know that Colman was as much a stand-up guy in real life as he was in the movies. He rates high on my list of all-time favorite actors but apart from that it seems by all accounts that he was also a good man.

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Ronald Colman: Gentleman Of the Cinema

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