Steel Magnolias : Whats the point?

Whats the point?

The original is perfect in every way. Everyone in the movie was stellar and you couldnt ask for a better quality movie with the kind of heart "Steel Magnolias" have. Why ruin it with a remake? The cast in the original; Sally Fields, Julia Roberts, Olympia Dukakis, Shirley Maclaine, Darryl Hannah.... you couldnt ask for a better cast and they just fit. Queen Latifah has had some good performances but shes not Sally Field. Its not even about making a black cast, but seriously... whats the point in the writer going "I want to redo it but lets use black people!". It just makes no sense to revamp a movie that is still relevant to this day.

Re: Whats the point?

Catseye, there are already numerous threads on this site posing that question. I think if you peruse just a few of them you'll find, if not answers, at least theories about "Whats the point?".

Just a suggestion.