Nick Broomfield : Maipulative Editing - Dishonest Filmmaking

Maipulative Editing - Dishonest Filmmaking

You know when you're watching a Werner Herzog documentary and you suspected that some of the scenes are staged, or the people were coached? Well Herzog has kind of made that his style, when it comes to documentaries.

But I'm not quite sure where Broomfield stands.

Take, for instance, Kurt & Courtney. It seems like many of the people are not being honest with the camera. At one point, Broomfield even says that he was beginning to question whether anyone had told him the truth. A woman who claims she was friends with Kurt and Courtney, cannot supply photographs to prove it. Then there is a scene with a girl who was allegedly a nanny for the couple in the months prior to Kurt's death. This scene has such a weird vibe that I thought Broomfield was trying to hint that the girl was lying.

In his first film about Aileen, the subject is not the killer but those around her trying to monetize the situation. I thought that was the case with Kurt & Courtney as well, but at the end of the film when Broomfield get's to confront Courtney he doesn't ask about the murder, but rather "What about threats you've made to reporters?" As Love walks away Nick says " But what about-" and then there is a VERY obvious sound byte that says "-the death threats." This editing at the end, and it is indisputable if you watch the movie, makes me wonder if Broomfield is trying to trick the audience..


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I think he just takes his outdated equipment and traipses around town hoping to get lucky. He makes a few vague contacts, builds them up to be more then they are and then slaps a film together. When he relaizes he has less than 15 minutes of useable footage, he ends up putting in the shots of him driving down the road, getting kicked out buildings and buying moon pies from the 7-11.

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I don't think he ever felt that Courtney killed him, but was more interested in her hypocrisy at that point.