Nick Broomfield : Next Project?

Next Project?

Is he working on anything new? His last film listed is for the last Aileen Wuornos film.

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Re: Next Project?

there's a nick broomfield season coming on the more 4 channel in the uk, i saw the trailer last night. there's a new film about eugene terreblanche called 'his big white self', he's mentioned in the trailer at least, but it seems that it's his driver who takes centre stage again. here's the link -

Re: Next Project?

He said just last night;

"Nick Broomfield: I'm just finishing a film about illegal Chinese immigrants in the UK. It's a feature film using Chinese illegals and deals with the Morecambe Bay incident. It will be coming out in the late Spring, I hope."

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he's giving a free talk

In Derby City Centre.

Next Friday:!/event.php?eid=107911379251148&ref=mf

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