Judd Apatow : Fall out with Seth Rogen?

Fall out with Seth Rogen?

They were pretty tight back in the day and did a lot of stuff together, and helped each other out further their careers but it seems they have distanced themselves from each other in the past few years, anyone know if they're still on good terms or not?

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Re: Fall out with Seth Rogen?

No idea. But I think the minute he started working with Lena Dunham she corrupted his mind and mad him feel on his early work was sexist. If you look at the b68first 2 films they are unapologetically politically incorrect and show a side of men that does exist. Now he with Paul Feig are desperate to appease women. The Apatow who made Knocked Up (which I would say is the funniest movie of the last 20 years) is dead. This is 40 and Trainwreck were good but they do not have the sme energy.

You look Rogen now and the man honestly is brilliant he along with his group are basically what Mel Brooks was. I would like to see more Danny McBride and Jody Hill doing stuff Eastbound was brilliant Vice Principals is great and I think Observe and Report is one of the most underrated comedies ever made.