Bud Abbott : Please help

Please help

There is a skit that Abbott and Costello did involving an "In" door and an "Out" door, may have featured them working in a kitchen too but I can't be sure about that part. One of them goes into the out door or vice versa and then the other goes on about how that isn't allowed, I think.

Anyway it has been driving me crazy recently because I can't seem to find it anywhere. I can't even find mention of it when I search. If anyone can help me find it or even just tell me where it was shown (tv series, one of their movies, etc.) that would be awesome. Or even just acknowledge it exists so I can stop thinking I'm crazy =). Thanks again.

Re: Please help

That routine is from Buck Privates Come Home, and they also did it live on The Colgate Comedy Hour at least once.

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The live version is probably already out there on one of the various public domain DVD releases, and it's also included in Infinity Entertainment's 6-disc set containing all of A&C's "Colgate Comedy Hour" appearances.