Bud Abbott : A great man…

A great man…

Along with Buddy Hackett, Don Knotts, Dick Van Dyke, Peter Falk, The 3 Stooges, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd & The Marx Brothers, Bud Abbott & comedy-acting partner Lou Costello were legendary comedians. If all these great comedians along with Lucille Ball did a movie together, it would have been historic! (Even though Don Knotts & Peter Falk did cameo in the Buddy Hackett classic comedy, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (which was remade into "Rat Race" featuring a busload of Lucille Ball impersonators).

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A movie with all of them would have been a classic.

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I'm glad to see that I'm not the first one posting for Bud Abbott. Bob Thomas
in his dual biography about the team devoted a whole chapter to Bud. If there
was ever a case about people being the opposite of their public personna, this
was surely it. On the screen we saw Bud the sharpie forever taking advantage
of his poor, dumb, innocent partner Costello. In fact the opposite was true.
Costello was the real driving force behind the team and occasionally he was less
than a nice human being. Costello went through a lot of tragedy in his life and
the country certainly did him and Bud dirt with that IRS case. You can certainly understand why he could be bitter and nasty on occasion.

Bud went along for the ride. He would have been just as happy if they had stayed in burlesque. He had a good sense of comic timing and set a good pace
in their routines. He was also known as one of the softest touches in Hollywood. Anyone, I understand could bum money off him. Maybe if he'd been a little tighter his IRS problems wouldn't have been so grea 111c t. He drank, maybe too much at times, but that was to hide his fear of epilepsy which he suffered from. No one ever said unkind word about him. The kind of man I probably
would have like to know

RIP, Bud Abbott

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Just like bkoganbing,I'd like to offer tribute to Bud

Like all comedy teams,the one who is the 'straight' man often gets overlooked in the attention the 'funny' man gets.The funny man is hailed the best,the genius,the one who could go solo.

Bud Abbott is probably the greatest 'straight' man in entertainment history.Without his ability,his delivery,his persona,Lou Costello wouldn't have been half the 'funny' man he was.

Everytime I watch Bud and Lou I am always struck by how truly brilliant they BOTH were and do not hold one up as being better then the other.

It's simple:without Bud there would simply be no Abbott & Costello

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Groucho Marx called Bud Abbott the greatest straight man ever. He was a perfect foil for Costello.

As for Abbott's personality off-screen, I've always heard that he was a generous and modest person.