Actors and Actresses : Cuba Gooding Jr settled Rape case out of Court

Cuba Gooding Jr settled Rape case out of Court

Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr settled a case out of court this month just before the trial began that he raped a woman in a New York City hotel room a decade ago, according to court records. The actor insisted through lawyers that the encounter with the woman was cosensual after the two met at a nearby resturant. Gooding is famous for movies such as "Boyz in the Hood" "Radio" and "Jerry McGuire." I hope that he stays out of trouble next time. Or he might have to do jail time in the future. And this is Not good business. He's Not being a good Uncle and cousin to his Family; and this disapoints his parents very much. This makes Him look Bad to his Family and fans that know what kind of person he really is. Just last year Gooding plead guilty to foricibly touching a woman at a famed New York City Nightclub; from this charge he had to complete six month of alcohol and behavioral counseling for this non-criminal harrassment violation.