Actors and Actresses : Movie Stars in Hollywood that don't have a Degree

Movie Stars in Hollywood that don't have a Degree

Education truly is the great Equalizer. But sometimes just good old fashion Hard work and Talent brings success. Anyone could Have a college degree. But perfecting your chosen craft and working hard to Be the Best pays off in the Long run. If you're twice as good and If you could be the Best at your Skill and genius of profession surely you would Eventually bring in some money if you're good at what you do. This is a Following list of Five people that are the Best of their profession and are known throughout America as Prolific Legends of their craft.

One person that doesn't have a degree is Actress Gweyneth Paltrow. Although she attended All girls Spence School in New York and Attended UC Santa Barbara but didn't get a degree, she became a successful Hollywood Legendary actress. In 1999 Paltrow won the Best Actress Oscar for "Shakespeare in Love." Actor Sam Rockwell is a seasonal, talented Actor. Although he attended the San Francisco School of the arts, he did not graduate. Rockwell in 2017 won the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award. Thirdly Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner served as Governor from 2001 to 2009. Minner served as the only Female governor of Delaware even through she got her GED and briefly attended the Delaware Technical and Community College as an older person. Fourth, Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker served his state as Chief Executive from 2011 to 2019 but doesn't have a college degree. He dropped out of Marquette University in 1990, having earned 94 of the minimum 128 credits needed for graduation. He left in good standing with a 2.59 Grade point average.Lastly Utah Governor Gary Herbert served as governor from 2009 to 2021 even through he attended Brigham Young University but did not graduate.

You could have many accolades and Letters behind your name. But you should work hard for your money with talent in your chosen profession. You don't want nobody to give you Money and be Appendage and user of society. But you should want to Make your own money! Good things comes to those who wait. But you Should want to do everything you can to Put yourself and your Name out there and even Make that money so your Name could surely be in Lights!

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Gwyneth Paltrow has a career because her mom was an actress and her dad was a director and producer. She didn't need college.

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People seem to believe 1 year of college is all it takes and therefore they believe college was a party or like a Holocaust camp, a trick.

People just come out mad at those who got partial scholarships. People don't mess with millionaires, maybe to mess with more middle class people.

So, many people probably have problems in college, maybe to do with living conditions, and either have to leave and some get told to leave, even if they are good people or in my case technically a pretty good student usually. I had the same experience in high school. So, this may happen after a year. It may happen in the 2nd year. People return, years later, to delinquent but seemingly pressed community colleges, even people who trained in the military.

Do you or anyone know if immigrants from places like England or Germany make a lot of money in the US or do well in college or like the foreign exchange students for a year in high school or whatever? What about Italian Americans? They might be making it happen in Hollywood with movies like Inside Out. African Americans, like Asians, seem to have retreated from the US. Asians with European heritage don't do well. What about Africans and Asians in Europe or the Middle East? What about "tribes" who may be racist to mixed Asians/Europeans who are nice to them? I know like all the foreign exchange students got fat here. They were loud and socially intelligent and ignore us but were nice but antisocial overall with me. I was with my mom. Makes America look "ghey."

It seems obvious Hollywood has bad living conditions and so actors aren't attractive.

Colleges waste time. I did best living by the gym. The day went by fast, with structure. I needed to ask for more money for food. Students are sh*t to "look at" me for taking time to eat and go to the gym. I didn't get to socialize. Even eating crackers and cheese in my dorm at night, almost a whole box. Still, I had walked for like 1 or 2 hours to Whole Foods, and sometimes my mom met me. It's fun, with food served. You just keep working your way, they say. Not all colleges are so great with food, but there are options? I was thankful I had a Smoothie King, XL every weekday, I didn't frequent Starbucks, especially not my first year or not much ever. That's better than the Magic Kingdom.

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