Sandrine Holt : Sandrine Holt Truly is a Wonderful actress

Sandrine Holt Truly is a Wonderful actress

Steven Hawkins is a Freelance writer from Greenville SC. The wonderful Sandrine Holt is a unique actress. Born in England on November 19th 1972 to Christiane Ho, the actress grew up in Toronto, Canada. She then worked as a runway
model in Paris before becoming an Actress. Actress Sandrine Holt has made appearances in many movies and TV shows. Sandrine mostly specializes in TV series roles. In the series Law and Order Special victims unit she plays psychologist Lisa Abenathy who counsels a young woman college student that was raped. In the series The Crossing she plays the Main role Emma Ren. In "The Crossing" people in the future are killed in a genocide. And in the series NCIS Los Angeles she plays the character Laura Song who goes in NCIS custody because people want to take her life. The Beautiful Sandrine has had many roles, and won numerous awards for her work. She is the Joy of Hollywood. Sandrine Holt Truly is a wonderful actress.

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"Sandrine Holt Truly is a Wonderful actress"



I actually think that she is also a very Very Underrated Actress.