Jason Statham : Lousy actor

Lousy actor

why is he in so many films?

I neither read nor write long-winded essays on the IMDB.

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Because directors like him and that he is a good actor

Lara Croft Himiko! The First Sun Queen! This is Yamatai.

Re: Lousy actor

As lousy as you say he is, he's making millions of dollars in Hollywood movies.... 1c84 .you're making lame insults on imdb message boards!

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Well for a 'lousy' actor he's one of my favourites and one of Britains best in my view.

If you dislike him, don't watch his movies.

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Statham is one of the best at what he does. He may not have the greatest range or depth as an actor and needs to avoid accents, but he's aware of his abilities and knows how and when to stretch himself. Plus, he's great to watch and has a genuine physical presence on screen. Not just in fight scenes, but the way he uses his body. I'm glad he's had such a great year and his some interesting projects ahead.