Jeri Ryan : Jeri is a real person

Jeri is a real person

I've read many of the criticisms and would like to plainly state that actors are people with an extraordinary job. My ex landlady was C.B. DeMille's private secretary and she introduced me to several actors over the years and they are just people just like you and I. I realize some of you don't have lives and try to live vicariously through the acting community. You should try to remember these people are there to entertain us with their skills.

I for one have enjoyed Jeri's roles and her obvious beauty. But remember that the character you see on the screen is not Jeri. She is a daughter, a sister, a mother and a wife.

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Well said.

She's involved with a lot of cool stuff. Follow her on Twitter and you'll find a down-to-earth, warm person.

Glad to see that she's been able to enjoy a decent career well past her Star Trek days.

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unfortunately people think they own them...and they can say what they want (written down)they would be terrified to speak it

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Thank you for this enlightening piece of advice. I thought she was a god of some sort. I'm glad we cleared that up.