Sam Mendes : Bond Payday

Bond Payday

...i am seriously... VIOLENTLY curious just how sweet the contract to re-instate Mendes as the Director of "Spectre" is. i, of course, can only wildly speculate as to the numbers, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if we're talking about a record payday/take on the back end, here... given just HOW BIG of a Goldmine, slash critical + audience favourite "Skyfall" was/is.

Indeed history is filled with such grand-slam home runs, yeah, but what's so fascinating HERE is just how large the role Mr. Mendes played in that film's monumental success. We all remember (at least, in theory) "Quantum of Solace", and the... mute 111c d? Reaction it got - i mean, the franchise was SO hurt, that even long before it's release, Skyfall had the air of a definite make it or break it flick... at least for the Daniel Craig-era. It was a 'comeback' picture, and it blew the doors off. And while it may not be the highest grossing film of all time, it's on there somewhere, and the studio has Mendes to (largely) thank for that. He's long been someone whose work i admire, with "Road to Perdition" being a particular favourite of mine...

So his success here with his 'Bond' pictures?? To me it's all VERY well-earned. And i'm more than stoked to see what he gives us in 'Spectre'.

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I could direct a Bond movie better than Sam. I'd do it for minimum wage too.

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