Djimon Hounsou : He loves to shout

He loves to shout

This guy shouts in every film I've seen of him.

Blood Diamond "WHERE IS MY SON"
In America "GO AWAYYYY"

Re: He loves to shout

And, given his life experiences, I believe he comes by that yelling honestly . . . There's endless shouting in "Blood Diamond", from all sides -- black and white. Truth is, he's played some extremely intense roles in very serious films.
But, he also shows his extraordinary sensitivity and subtlety in many of those roles. His performance in "In America" is a good example of the amazing range of emotions he believably delivers. And the scene in "Blood Diamond" in which he talks his young, now-rebel son into believing that he's his father. He and the boy deliver a beautifully touching scene filled with honest emotions and tears. I appreciate seeing an actir whose emotions 'feel' genuine, no matter which part of the spectrum they're playing.