Roman : Did anyone else think…

Did anyone else think…

That Eva was going to be The Girl's sister? I thought they were dropping hints the entire movie, what with The Girl's sister reporting her missing and then Eva suddenly showing up, and then Eva saying she was an undercover cop and then when she says what her father told her before he died starting with "D.D." and Roman asked "Why D.D.?" I thought that was like a slip up or something.

I was trying to guess how it would be revealed and then it ended on a totally different note. Guess I was wrong. I wonder if that was intentional though.

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Re: Did anyone else think…

I thought so, too! They even looked a little alike. I thought she talked about death hoping he'd unburden himself by sharing his secret.

I wondered if she might even had moved into "Isis's" apartment, although if she *were* a cop and suspected Roman, she'd have to worry that he'd known which one Isis had lived in, and tipping her hand.

Oh well, guess we were both wrong. There was no indication that Roman suspected that this might be the case.

Re: Did anyone else think…

The first time she came over, I thought it was her sister looking for her. But afterwards, no.