Noam Pitlik : So underrated

So underrated

I liked Noam as a director and especially, the actor. His most memorable roles to me will be those German officers in "Hogan's Heroes", Mr. Gianelli from "The Bob Newhart Show" and as Sal, the hoodlum client in the "Love, American Style" skit Love and the Detective (being outshined by Charles Nelson Reilly and the lovely Louisa Moritz).

Better Late

Than never. Late response here: I just saw Noam Pitlik in a downbeat (what else?) episode of The Fugitive about a scarred and bitter Korean War veteran, with Noam as a benign, empathic cop (a nice change of pace for this series), and in his own quiet way he was almost as good as Tim O'Connor, who played the angry veteran. Good show, well acted by all.