Kristen Bell : Another liberal moron

Another liberal moron

Hollywood is just so awful.

Re: Another liberal moron

they are multi millionaires who play ordinary people so they have to pretend they still know how it is to be a real person so liberalism is their way of thinking everyone will like them; in the bubble space of millions they don't realize that many don't agree with the politics that they have made themselves believe is all that exists… so…

true liberals are AGAINST WEALTH and against corporations and against people having more money than other people so…

they're NOT liberal, really…

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Re: Another liberal moron


Re: Another liberal moron

I think being a moron is one of the requirements of being a liberal.

By the way, liberals want to remind everyone our democracy is in danger every day and the whole world will be uninhabitable within ten years if we don't cut carbon emissions to zero.

Don't shoot the messenger now.

Re: Another liberal moron

"Liberalism is a mental disease."

Dr. Michael Savage

😺 Schrodinger's Cat walks into a bar, and doesn't. 😠 Let's go, Brandon!