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The cops who gave the dude back to Jeff

In no way does it make the cops any less inept, but it does explain perspective.

This took place just weeks after the Rodney King incident, when racial tensions were high in America and police brutality of black and brown people was first being recognised in the mainstream.

It was also during the HIV pandemic. Society was introduced to affected homosexual community, particularly black and brown in poor neighbourhoods.

The police responded to a call which appeared to involve interracial gay couple in a brown neighbourhood.

The brown young teen was obviously in a drugged state; what was not obvious (at this time) is that he was drugged and kidnapped by Dahmer.

In this case, it would have been had they charged the young boy with a drug offence, so they take him in, and find out about Dahmer and drop the charges. At the time, they though they were doing a nice thing by overlooking it.

The police cannot force anyone to show ID unless they are detaining them. They hope, however, that POIs show ID consentingly. What happens then are a lot of assholes who say "What's your reason for detaining me? I don't consent to any searches nor will I answer any questions." If the cops had required to ID the victim, and he was innocent, they would risk being viewed as infringing on the rights another poor brown person.

If Jeff's story were true, then the cops risk civil lawsuits for unlawfully detainment, and would be viewed as racist & homophobic. At this time, they thought they were doing a "woke" deed by not bringing charges against a poor black gay community. They gambled and lost.

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Re: The cops who gave the dude back to Jeff

an interesting perspective.

and of course people are quick to judge in hindsight. but yeah, theres probably some truth to this. however fucking unfortunate that set of circumstances turned out.

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Re: The cops who gave the dude back to Jeff

He was a 14yr old kid you prejudiced motherfucker and they didn't give a shit, made bigoted remarks afterwards and made NO thorough investigation of Dahmer's apartment after he invited them him. Appalling police work and behavior.

These pigs were then suspended with pay and all for political/media show when things started to get heavy for the city. They took no accountability for their actions, (they actually saw themselves as victims), sued and then got reinstated. I can't account for accuracy here, but the series then depicted them making obscene phone calls to the boys parents.

Dahmer was white not black and it was a predominantly poor black neighborhood he lived in because it was cheap, which would have consisted of gay and "majority" straight souls. If Dahmer was black, you can bet sure as hell they would have conducted a more thorough investigation.

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Re: The cops who gave the dude back to Jeff

If what I read is true, not only they were reinstated but they were also given 55000 in back pay and a few years later, the officer became the president of the Milwaukee Police Union.

Re: The cops who gave the dude back to Jeff

This was/is the state of the psychological mentality of many in the police force. They had no conscience.

Surely any decent minded human being would of at least taken some accountability for their actions professionally, considering the serious nature of Dahmer's crime and that the boy ended up missing from the moment he was handed back over to Dahmer.

Why didn't this become a lead? Glenda saw the kid, as did other neighbors. Did they know that he was reported missing after he was given back? Seen and the gone just like that.

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Re: The cops who gave the dude back to Jeff

I find that strange too. The black woman who called the police and then took the time to call a second time and spoke to the officer seemed really worried and suspicious. I think a poor inmigrant kid from a bad neighborhood would not make the news is he goes missing, so the woman probably didnt know and the police either didnt care or just treated as if he ran away from home.

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The runaway thing was a police cop-out too. These boys had no reason to runway and it was the same with Gacy's victims. They were from stable homes.

The Laotian boy that Dahmer abducted might have been from an immigrant family, but it wasn't dysfunctional or abusive by accounts. The parents were very loving and concerned.

If Glenda knew he went missing, as in saw his image on a news report, she would have gone that's the kid that was with Jeff? This is a very vague aspect.

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Re: The cops who gave the dude back to Jeff

You cant really be that naive and think they were doing a "woke deed" as you put it when there is audio of them making fun of the situation afterwards. It would have taken them 10 second to ask about jeff on the radio and find he was a convicted child molester.
The episode even has the original call to the police with the woman asking the officer like 50 times if he was sure it wasnt a child, and even tells him that her daughter has seen him playing with other kids and digging up worms.

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This. I never trust cops.