The Sandpiper : Nico


Where is the singer Nico in this film?
She was an extra at the party.
I've looked for her but could someone please say in which scenes she appears and what does she do in them?

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She is in from around 57 minutes in. She's in a group of three sat behind Charles bronsons character. She's wearing a pink jumper. A couple of good shots of her but it's really a blink and you miss her kinda thing.

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Holy Nico I am a huge fan and I'm watching this for the first time and totally missed her. This was before she became... NICO

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in the corner.

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Thank you all so much for the infomation! I must check out this film again.


She's right behind Charles Bronson smoking a cigarette in the red jacket (othe poster said pink jumper–wrong) and blond hair.
Also at 1:00:37 & 1:01:27 & 1:01:53

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