Thomas Newman : well,, screwed again,,,,,

well,, screwed again,,,,,

2014 AND STILL no Oscar. This year went to Steven Price who would have been my second pick for an Oscar. Thomas Newman will probably never win this being his 12th nomination and rolling snake eyes on the Award. I don't know what he has to do to win one. I think the Academy gives most of "for your consideration" material it gets prior to Oscar time, to their 8 year olds. "Tell me what you think, Billy." SHAMEFUL!!!Newman is a long, LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGG time overdue for an Oscar. Congrats to Steven Price who composed an awesome score for Gravity, however. Mr. Newman I would keep composing score music for your fans like us and screw the Academy. Stop submitting your music to people who do not appreciate and would not know a good score it it popped out of the toilet and bit them on their asses.

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I kind of had to (bitterly) laugh when I heard his music from Revolutionary Road being played for one of the montages in the telecast, and then again later on a Google commercial featured some bits from Finding Nemo. It's just so ironic…his music is used again and again for movie trailers, commercials, sports montages, what have you…it's everywhere! Yet every year at the Oscars it's the same story...

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I honestly think Newman has already worked hard enough in his 30-year career to prove his composing chops to the film industry. He's one of the most successful and imitated composers today - how often do you hear his music in films, documentaries, trailers and advertisements? Not to mention a ton of other composers who borrow heavily from his style. I imagine Newman has a huge amount of respect from his peers, employers and collaborators. Plus he makes more than a decent living from what he loves doing. Not a bad life I think!

I wouldn't say I've never kept up to date with the Academy Awards, but every year I read the results and realise they've overlooked some outstanding films and individuals, which leads me to question how informed their judgements really are. I'm not sure why they're held in such high esteem anyway. It's just another sanctimonious and money-generating institution that enjoys marketing and slapping people on the back for making movies. Does Newman really need to be part of that club?

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Yeah I was watching an oldie. "Meet Joe Black" and the music was excellent. I thought that sounds like Thomas Newman. Well it was and then I just scrolled down the list and am in total shock of the stuff he did compose an 238 d I didn't even realize it. It is a travesty this man has no oscar. I am in utter disbelief.

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I was thinking... Maybe the Academy has something with the Newman family. When it comes to Thomas maybe they say something like: "We already gave your father nine Oscars. Now you want us to give you one too?" But even though Thomas never won an Oscar, I am sure that his father would be proud of him. They're both two of my favorite film composers.

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I still believe he will get recognition at some point. His themes throughout his career are just off the chart.

He has a long way to go to reach
I don't know if there is anyone else in between these two guys. Probably though.