Maximum Conviction : THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING


I just finished watching it and this is my review

I just watched the movie and All im going to say is this was one amazing movie by far the best movie steve austin has ever starred in and the best direct to video movie waxman has ever made. No dubbing steve austin has amazing fight scenes and shootouts not also to mention a few good one liners that will make you laugh out loud as well as seagal. he actually put a lot of effort into these fight scenes has also some amazing one liners that made me and my brother laugh out loud, this is one adventure I think no seagal fan or austin fan is gonna wanna miss. If you think seagal hasnt made a decent movie in years You have to watch this cause honestly? this movie is id say the best direct to video movie he has ever done.


*Minor Spoilers*

I didn't think it was a good movie honestly. The plot was almost non existent & felt too tacked together. There were definitely way too many characters in the film who didn't do much, so it felt like a waste to even have them in it. Also, Seagal clearly didn't work many days on this film. He was in it for maybe 30 minutes tops, and maybe had 3 or 4 total action scenes. This was pretty much Steve Austin & Michael Pares' film, with Seagal given top billing due to his name recognition. Austin & Pare I thought were good in this, but besides them the rest of the cast kind of sucked. Seagal was his usual self with what limited time he was in it. Some of the action scenes weren't bad while other scenes felt real typical with generic back & forth shooting scenes. Also, there were way too many scenes with everyone holding guns while going through different rooms constantly. If you watch the movie, you'll see exactly what I mean. I was getting real bored with it, by the end of the movie I almost didn't even care what happened.

To anyone who are Seagal fans, you'll be pretty disappointed with his limited screen time. Steve Austin was the best thing about this film, but he couldn't save it. Also, don't expect Seagal & Austin to have many scenes together. From what I recall they have only 2 or 3 scenes together in the entire film.


To be honest, it seemed as if Austin wasn't in this movie much either? But I do think Seagal had the most screentime of the two. Austin (it seemed) was ok playing second fiddle to Seagal (which makes him petty cool in my books) But Austin only had one decent fight scene near the end (in the prison courtyard) Whereas, Seagal had some good (albeit, fast edited) fights (That arm-snap, was a could see the bone sticking out of the convicts shirt...and the exchange of dialogue at this point was laugh out funny!) and Seagal got the drop on the main bad-guy at the end. Austin got his ass kicked by a woman (which, like I said earlier, shows that he has a sense of humour?)

I'll admit, that the middle sagged a little, with (like you said) too many prison lay-out displays, and corridor wandering. But (at least) it actually felt like a REAL movie, and not a direct-to-video snooze fest. It had good spurts of violent action, a game cast, nice production values and a robust (cinematic) music score.

All-in-all, a blessing (given the dire TRUE JUSTICE series, that Seagal seems to be wasting his time on) and good to see Seagal back in some R-rated action. With a slight bit of tightning in the editting suite, this could have very easily hit the multiplexes. And the open-ending may indicate a sequel?

"If you're lying...I'll be back!"

Re: **Spoilers**

*Some Spoilers*

Yeah, to be fair it did feel like a real movie, not like most of Seagals' others direct to DVD films. And yeah I suppose Seagal might of been in it a little more than Austin, but it didn't feel that way to me when watching it. Probably because for some parts of the film, Seagal disappears for a good 10-15 minutes at times. So it just feels like he's in it less.

Why I can't give this movie exactly a positive rating is because like you mentioned, the middle was way too slow moving for my tastes. There was probably 20 minutes total of the characters just walking around wandering pointing guns at nothing. Also, there was almost no plot at all in this film. I'm not expecting some complex plot in a movie like this, but at least give us something better. Another thing I disliked was there felt like there was way too many characters in this film. There was Seagals' team who added absolutely nothing to the film. They might of been in it for less than 10 minutes total. They basically were just there to give Austin a weapon, & for the end.

As for what I liked about the film, I did think Michael Pare was a cool villain. I thought his acting was pretty good. Also, most of Austins' scenes were good. Seagal was okay, but I was expecting him to do more. Some of the action scenes were good, but like I said some felt really generic. I feel like I seen some of the shootout scenes in this a million times before.

I may give it another watch eventually to see if I'd like it more, but my first viewing of it I'd probably rate it a 5 out of 10 at best.

Re: **Spoilers**

Honestly it could have a sequel but where would they take it would it have to be another prison for it to even be a sequel or would all it have to have is austin back in it for it to be one?


Where did you watch this movie at.How can you watch this movie when this isnt out yet

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I dunno...

If you ask me, Seagall and Austin looked to be quite bored doing this movie, not into their roles at all, but moving about and doing their lines like they were on a major hangover and just wanted to get it done so they could pick up their check and go home.

Ofcourse, it could be just how the director wanted it, as the movie was not only slow paced, but cut together so badly and "slow" that the paint could dry between the scenes.. not to mention continuity errors, like "top secret" prison facility out in the woods, if you looked at the entry, road to the prison etc, yet the overview showed the prison being in a heavy urban/industiral area with heavy traffic on all sides and NO forrest... Oh and the USAS-12 auto shotgun with a 20 roung drum mag that must have fired twice if not tripple that of its capacity, yet Seagal only picked up the shotgun, not any ammo drums.


It was average at best with poor acting by some, cheesy dialogue and improbable scenes. If this is what you class as amazing i wonder how you will class a truly horrible film

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