Robert Rodriguez : His involvement with Pulp Fiction

His involvement with Pulp Fiction

Is this true that Robert Rodriguez was uncredited in Pulp Fiction where he directed the scene with the director acting. I saw it in his trivia and want to know is this true or not and who put it in his trivia and why. If its true, can you send me some links of the information it came from?

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I can't provide links but I'm sure on some extras either on Pulp Fiction (or maybe even From Dusk Till Dawn) Rodriguez and Tarantino talk about it. They said something to the effect of when they were writing Desperado and Pulp Fiction respectively, they would pop into each other's offices and share new scenes etc. This then spilled into Tarantino taking a part in Desperado and Rodriguez directing (or certainly being on set) for some scenes when Tarantino was acting as Jimmie.

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So if he was certainly being on set of Pulp Fiction does that mean he was one of the second unit or assistant directors of the film? I wish IMDb would allow to have Robert Rodriguz in the full credits page of Pulp Fiction as uncredited due to we know of this.

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There's a photo of both Rodriguez and Quentin on the set of Pulp. It's the Jimmie scene. (Quentin is in his Jimmie get up) and Rodriguez has a pair of headphones around his neck. A sign he could have been directing.

I tried finding the pic online, no luck. Where I did see it was during Robert's interview on the Tarantino XX

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Yes, he did in fact direct the Jimmie Scene in Pulp Fiction. They met in the early 90's and do favors for each other here and there as well.

Robert directed a scene in Fiction, Quentin played a role in Desperado

Robert directed From Dusk which QT wrote

Robert Rodriguez composed some of the music for Kill Bill vol 2 then QT directed a scene in Sin City on digital. Because Robert wanted QT to try out digital.238

I think there's a few more examples.