Vladimir Putin : A Real-Life Bond Villain

A Real-Life Bond Villain

He's the closest person we've got to a real-life Bond villain.

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A quiet, agreeable country should be worrisome. He is the equivalent of Tomorrow Never Dies tycoon, he controls the media and buys off whistleblowers for information in the name of free speech, when in reality media like Russia Today is the slicker version of KGB's counterintelligence of the old days. Long gone are the ugly soviet uniforms and kalashnikovs and replaced with slick suits and appeal to western pathos to gain their way into America. Larry King fell for it.

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exactly never seen a person look more or as much like a bond villain than him. he has 2 looks, arrogant and smug.


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That's one way of putting it

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Sadly that is true. He does have the sort of ambition that Ian Fleming et al. have been warning us about for years.