I'm Leaving Board : I think I am done

I think I am done

with online stuff.

I woke up today with the feeling that I do not want to do this no more . You know I only signed up to IMDB all those years ago to make a joke, a joke that I do not even remember now, never expected I'd be in it for this long.

I have no idea what I am going to do, I just know it cant be this, way way too much internet man.

I wanted to thank you though because for better or for worse I could always find someone to talk to here at least, I often liked being here more than I did with the few real life friends I managed to make in this life.

But I have very few memories from the last 15 years, I remember online stuff, but no actual memories, and memories are what keep us warm on that cold death of bed. I need to go and create some memories while I still stand a slight chance, I aint dead yet.

Out of all the many many forums I have been on I liked this one the most, I could say anything here and was never banned, in fact this place is the one place online that allows me to be myself, even when being myself is a bit too much for some people, and I am so sorry if i ever upset anyone during my time here, anyone who did not deserve it I mean.

Finding the confidence to be an actual person in this world is going to be the biggest challenge for a guy in my situation, so please wish me luck.

I will miss you all x

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I woke up today with the feeling that I do not want to do this no more

I feel like that every time I am actually bored enough to click on this site, which is why I rarely even post anymore other than about what the site was meant to be use for. Even then barely, since nobody is legit interested in that these days. One day I will probably forget it even exists and never click it again. Hopefully i'll at least remember to say…

Sayonara forever, faggots!

Please Enjoy being catfished by 50 year old 300 pound faux feminist faggots from Oregon who get their definition of what a pedophile is from Facebook, FFS!

The end isn't near, it's here, faggot.

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This place is terrible. nimda has all kinds of people monitoring us and those people are stealing our passwords and putting malware on our device.

They did it to Ben. They did it to Mauricio. They did it to Jackie, Ginny, Panther and me.

Whenever I type a word on here, a car horn honks outside my home, or someone within my household speaks a certain word, a car parked outside my home or near my home honks their horn.

I'm followed to every place I shop as well.

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You're one of the people who makes this place the most intolerable.

Nobody cares about your stupid ass delusional posts.

The end isn't near, it's here, faggot.

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Yes the fuck people do!

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I wish you the best, always! xx

If we take the time to see with the heart and not with the mind, we shall see that we are surrounded completely by angels ~ Carlos Santana

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I hope you find what you're looking for. 👍

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I've said this before, but I'll never forget
the Dane that was public enemy #1 for "attacking" Christina in 2019. Very controversial, and epic.

I wanna take the butt of a shotgun
and beat your face in.