Horror : the conjuring 2

the conjuring 2

saw it recently and was rather surprised how well it was made. slick direction.

Re: the conjuring 2

I have it, haven't gotten around to seeing it.
Is it better than the first, to you? Many people say no.

I wanna take the butt of a shotgun
and beat your face in.

Re: the conjuring 2

barely remember the first

it's well made

bit of a guilty pleasure but competently done

Re: the conjuring 2


Of the 3, I find it the best and it was skillfully and scarily presented. It all just clicked together so well.

Norman! What did you put in my tea?

Re: the conjuring 2

1 and 2 were both good and scary. 3 not so much.

Re: the conjuring 2

I liked it a lot. Pretty scary. Better than the original, which I also liked.